The Life Behind Your Data

This is Warp It. We’re building the world’s most flexible marketing and market research platform, and providing you with cutting-edge, data-driven marketing services.

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Warp It
All-in-One Marketing Platform

The Warp It platform is designed to engage your customers through automated marketing processes and loyalty incentives, backed by smart experience measurement and AI/ML-based communication.

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Our Services
Building Data-driven Strategies

Our strategy consulting services steer your business on an exciting journey towards drastic growth fuelled by our unique customer-centric approach.

Case Studies
IT and Telco

T-2 Club – Loyalty Program Design and CX Measurement

Relationships Built by Higher Perceived Value

We designed a viable loyalty club for T-2, one of the largest Slovenian ISPs, which provides more than 37% of the country’s households with internet, TV, and mobile phone services.

Market and Opinion Research

Gallup International Research Processes Improved by the Warp It Platform

Surveying on the Global Level

Gallup International – a global research agency running ongoing projects like Eurobarometer – uses the Warp It as a platform to run surveys across their numerous markets.


Ljubljana Pharmacy Loyalty Program Design, Customer Care and CX Measurement

Healthy Purchases Create Happy Customers

Ljubljana Pharmacy is the largest pharmacy chain in Slovenia. They were the first in the country to introduce a modern loyalty program.


Avto Triglav CX Measurement and Customer Care

Boosting Customer Satisfaction in the Competitive Automotive Industry

Avto Triglav is a Slovenian importer and distributor of cars. They manage sales and service for brands like Fiat, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, and Jeep.


Warp It is used by countless renowned companies like yours.

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