Avto Triglav CX Measurement and Customer Care

Boosting Customer Satisfaction in the Competitive Automotive Industry

Avto Triglav is a Slovenian importer and distributor of cars. They manage sales and service for brands like Fiat, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, and Jeep.

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What is our Customer Experience? Who Knows …?

Avto Triglav was struggling with customer retention, which not only affected them but also their independent dealers across the country, as well as their principals Emil Frey and Fiat Chrysler (now part of Stellantis), since many customers decided to opt for other car brands.


Getting to Know our Customers
A strategic approach to Avto Triglav’s marketing and analytic activities revealed the milestones needed to boost their customer experience and customer lifecycle.


CX Analysis and Measurement

We introduced metrics like NPS (Net Promoter Score) to gain valuable insights about each individual user’s satisfaction. Each metric was tailored to the customer, their car, and the services and service stations they use.

The data collected helps us to build customized customer care and more precisely target automated marketing campaigns.


Automated Marketing Campaigns

In addition to CX measurement, we also provide a powerful email client, designed by our creative team and built on our Warp It for Marketers and Marketing Agencies platform. The campaigns are personalized and adjusted to different target groups such as owners of the particular car brand.

Campaign response rates are carefully measured and displayed via Warp It’s interactive dashboard.


Customer Care and Support

To improve CX and to extend customer lifecycles we set up a customer care and support unit for Avto Triglav’s customers in Slovenia and Croatia, served by our support team via emails and in-house call center. All the contacts are managed through Warp It’s flexible CRM system.

The contact center is not only available for car owners but also regularly contacts customers to measure their satisfaction.


Customers Engage More

The revamped strategy and its implementation immediately had the desired effect. In fact, CX has grown dramatically after a couple of months. The customer retention rates are better and therefore also the lifecycles. Clearly the customers tend to appreciate being asked about their experience and post-purchase support provided.

NPS points since 2017

The Net Promoter Score – how likely customers are to recommend Avto Triglav – recorded a significant growth.

response rate

Almost 60% of users called are willing to answer our CX surveys.